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Going Green

We at Pitter Patter believe strongly that recycling provides incredible, tangible benefits.

            In the past decade, major efforts have been made to educate the public about the benefits of recycling and reusing plastic, paper, glass, and aluminum. We have been given the tools to make it easy and practical, so much so that it is now ingrained in our daily habits. Every time a person buys a new item from a "big box" store, such as nursery furniture, baby equipment, strollers, linens, videos, dvds, toys and much more, they are immediately adding to the eventual pile of waste products.         


Why not clothing? Especially kids' clothing... which is almost always outgrown before it is fully loved. Recycling clothing is certainly easy enough to do, and reaps many of the same earth-friendly rewards. Not to mention the fact that it saves parents a bundle of cash when they buy items that are preloved instead of new!! We are very careful to be sure that all of our pre-loved items are of top quality and priced fairly Stores like ours that recycle clothing are beneficial...not only to communities that buy and sell with us, but also to the well-being and viable future of our planet!

           Pitter Patter is a shop where conservation, creativity and community shine through.            



Re-use, Recycle...Save the World!!!

Big Box Store Shoppers-Rethink!!!

Whether you're interested in selling or purchasing clothes, consignment is a great way to reduce, reuse and recycle. At Pitter Patter, we are more than a clothing consignment shop. We consign furniture, baby equipment, strollers, linens, videos, dvds, toys and much more. We  have a lot of new items with tags, as well.           

We are a community store..mother's come in and share with others..people come in to feel better..we are a happy store and we promote customer service.​