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3815 South Tuttle Avenue

Sarasota, FL 34239



Below are a few items that our customers have submitted for their wish list:

  • High Chairs
  • Swings
  • Pack n plays
  • Exersaucers
  • Cribs
  • Double & single strollers

Please call at (941) 927-3815 and let us know if you have any of the above items bring in for consignment. All items must be clean and in excellent condition, if it requires batteries it must be working when it comes in.

Below are examples of the clothing items that are being accepted until March 1, 2015.

  • Spring clothing
  • Short sleeves
  • Light fabric pants
  • Capri's
  • Shorts

**Capri's and shorts should be denim or heavier fabric, regulation school length and hold the lighter fabric until May when we are going into the hot summer months. Dresses should not be sleeveless unless they are Easter Wear.